Real Madrid Bargaining with Kylian Mbappe(25) on Image Rights

Real Madrid Leverages Mbappe’s Olympic Dream in Image Rights Discussions

In the high-stakes world of football negotiation, Real Madrid has employed a strategic bargaining chip in their pursuit of Kylian Mbappe: his participation in the Olympics. As the French forward expresses a fervent desire to represent his nation at the upcoming Paris 2024 Games, the Spanish powerhouse sees an opportunity to leverage this aspiration in their quest to renegotiate Mbappe’s image rights.

With Mbappe’s impending move to Real Madrid on the horizon, discussions surrounding the allocation of image rights have taken center stage. While most stars at the club typically receive a standard 50% share, Mbappe has long been an advocate for retaining full control over his image rights—an endeavor that has previously brought him into conflict with the French Football Federation.

However, Real Madrid, cognizant of the financial implications of Mbappe’s potential absence from their preseason tour in the USA, is keen to recalibrate the terms. By using the Olympics as a bargaining chip, the club aims to negotiate Mbappe down on his insistence of retaining full image rights, seeking to align his share with the established norm within the club.

As discussions unfold, the tension between Mbappe’s Olympic aspirations and Real Madrid’s strategic maneuvering underscores the complexities inherent in high-profile football transfers. With both parties holding firm to their respective positions, the outcome of the negotiations remains uncertain, leaving observers eagerly anticipating the resolution

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